relax, don't be in such a hurry
I've been shooting a lot more with film, in particular with the TLR; this definitely slows me right down into thinking about each and every shot; extending this to my use of digital where appropriate (e.g. still need to do some high-speed fire at gigs)
use humour
don't do what everyone else does
low ISO and long exposures at a gig, using older lenses
numerous, but see experimental collection on Flickr
get it right "in camera"
increasing more and more, especially since I've started shooting with custom picture styles on the DSLR; and lots of film
put things in front of the lens that aren't the subject
in the race for technical elegance, don't forget the artistic
but don't forget the tripod/monopod
composition is more than just framing the picture: remember lighting, depth of focus...
direct your model(s) and be more confident when doing so
this shot in particular required direction, and I'm increasing the number of modelled photoshoots I do, with professionals and amateurs; ongoing
accept artistic input from others, including (perhaps especially?) from models
remember the rules, but also remember to break the rules
stretch yourself a little beyond the comfort zone
done this once or twice now; also, notably, street photography and photographing strangers; still ongoing
get more flash power
achieved 14th March
free-for-all "Facebook Profile Shoot"
two have been organised so far; results from the first
more male-modelled photographs (paying, for a moment, attention to the "gender binary")
done only one so far (at the profile picture shoot in July)
try and do at least one shoot completely "in camera" with no post-processing
getting closer to this; for instance, many photos from DV8fest 2011 were SooC JPEGs
explore the machinery/nature boundary
do more street photography
now have a street photography set on Flickr
do more photography on film
definitely been doing this, loving my EOS-1
do more black and white
TLR and Caffenol and more besides
do more "high key"
done some, will need to do more; ongoing
tried it, done it, liked it, loved it!
Norfolk Broads
done, and will be revisiting
nature (bird or otherwise)
more studio stuff

Hardly believing it myself, it turns out that coffee can act as a film developer. This I had to try.

Three different films (XP2 at 400, FP4+ at 125 and HP5+ at 400), all developed at the same time:

  • five minutes soaking in water
  • 16g Na2CO3 (anhydrous) added to water
  • add 10g Vitamin C
  • 1.5g KBr (anhydrous)
  • 40g Red Label instant coffee
  • make up to 1 litre of water
  • 1 minute of agitation
  • rest for 59 minutes (at 21°C)
  • wash, stop, wash, fix, wash

All three films showed negatives of good density. However, it's become clear that my Paragon 135mm f/2.8 and EOS-1 do not agree on metering if I stop the lens aperture down. In fact, it seems to underexpose by a significant margin at f/8. This is completely the other way around compared to my EOS-7D which overexposes by around 1.6 stops. Better light metering is required on my part!

I shot a fair amount of this “straight out of camera” on my 7D using Reala, EtoC and ZERO custom picture styles. Lenses used were mostly the 135mm f/2.8 and 50mm f/1.8, with my Sigma, and Jeff's 70-300mm and 18-135mm making an occasional appearance.

Started to get “in the zone” with street photography. Great fun. And amazing architecture in York.

Highlights: Utah Saints. “Stand back, kids, this is how it's done!”

Second Set

Cheap colour film which expired years ago. Shot and developed this week. Full set.

Testing the EOS-1 I bought to see whether it works properly. Shot on Ilford Delta 400, developed in Ilford Microphen 1+3 for 26 minutes at 19ºC.

The idea is simple: bring your face, bring a camera, bring a friend... we're here to make new profile pictures!

Fans of photography — behind the lens or in front — are invited to come along and meet people, take pictures, and hopefully end up with some fantastic new portraits. Who cares if your Facebook profile picture is awesome already? This is your chance to get another! And you also get to practice taking photographs of people, become a bit less shy about having your picture taken, make new friends, and generally just have a laugh.

So grab your camera, hair brush and mirror and let's see what bonkers creative portraits we can come up with!

Punk, goth, cross-processing, lots of “straight out of camera” but using custom Canon Picture Styles.

Once again I take to the dancefloor with my camera...