I was invited to help BirdLife Malta at the British Bird Watching Fair 2011. I wandered around Rutland Water during my “down time” and took some nature photographs.

I hadn't seen Kadia in over a year, and having a day down south at my disposal we arranged to meet up. A short visit to a nature reserve near Ware was part of the day's catching up.

The idea is simple: bring your face, bring a camera, bring a friend... we're here to make new profile pictures!

Fans of photography — behind the lens or in front — are invited to come along and meet people, take pictures, and hopefully end up with some fantastic new portraits. Who cares if your Facebook profile picture is awesome already? This is your chance to get another! And you also get to practice taking photographs of people, become a bit less shy about having your picture taken, make new friends, and generally just have a laugh.

So grab your camera, hair brush and mirror and let's see what bonkers creative portraits we can come up with!


  • Sackville Gardens
  • Bridgewater Canal
  • First Street

Full set.

I decided to push my photographer self a little further and do something a bit more conventional (or unconventional for me): a “fashion” shoot.

Third batch of expired film from 2004. Llangrannog, portraits, and the most hipster photography I've ever taken.

Put your iPhone fauxlaroid apps away. Step away from Instagram. This is how it's meant to be done.

More expired film from 2004. This must have been just after the return from Ireland.

I'm currently emptying my fridge of expired and exposed films. Towards the end of the week I sent nine such films for developing and scanning (on the cheap) and this is one of them that came back.

It's always a little strange coming across pictures from the past that you've not seen before. It's also a bit strange when you find photographs of someone you lived with and loved for many years. What surprised me most, however, was the fact that I shot some portraits and didn't remember it!

Back in 2004 a group of us (led by Mark, the promoter of Infest) tried starting a club and gig night in Manchester aimed at the hard industrial and noise music genres. Unfortunately our venue, Sound Garden, closed a few days before our third event leaving us completely in the lurch. It was about six years before the venue opened again.

I shot three films today with a view to testing the use of paracetamol as a reducing agent in film developer. The two I ran off in Southern Cemetery (36 exposures of HP5+ and 36 exposures of Delta 400) were both developed in the following solution, following a Tylenol recipe on the ascorbate-developers blog:

  • Na2CO3 (anhydrous) — 24g
  • Vitamin C — 7g
  • Paracetamol — 1g
  • KBr — 1g
  • Water to make 650ml

I was a little concerned about whether this was going to work, so I left a piece of fogged film in the top of the developing tank to track the progress. After the recommended time, 9 minutes, the fogged film had barely darkened. I kept checking every now and then until, eventually, it seemed to have the same density of other fogged developed film I have used. That was after 34 minutes at 23ºC. Unfortunately this 300% extra development was not enough to produce good images on the exposed negatives: the edge-lettering on the film is not legible, and there is barely any density to the shots. I consider this an almost complete failure.

Only almost, however. The third film, mostly shot at night around Trafford Park and Salford Quays, I developed in Caffenol CCL. It came out a treat. However, the shots which were exposed as metered (at ISO400) are weak. The night shots vary from +2 to +3 stops overexposed and have good density. Therefore I think the Delta 400 should be treated as an ISO200 or even ISO100 film when developing in Caffenol CCL (or development time should be significantly increased). However, if treating the Delta 400 as an ISO100 film, it should also be noted that FP4+ at ISO125 produced stellar results, with grain that I believe was better than the Delta 400 shown above.

I will have to experiment with Delta 100 and Pan-F 50 developed in Caffenol before I decide what to buy as my next bulk rolls. Full set of photos here.