Photography Ambitions for 2013

My style of photography has changed over the last few years. I used to think my skills lay in architecture or landscapes, but actually it seems that I have an affinity for portrayal of people. This isn't so surprising given the role I tend to fill for my close friends; and so my photography tends to be people, events and a smattering of art/nude.

I aim to continue these themes, and develop them further, in 2013.

I have a fairly long list of themes and shoot ideas, and these exist to serve as inspiration. The more abstract goals are also listed here.


  1. use more large format
  2. use more medium format
  3. use more colour film
  4. cross-process EtoC and CtoE
  5. use digital with the same care and frugality of shutter release as film
  6. shoot video


  1. improve at and do much more art nude
  2. start with large format, studying the book I received for Christmas
  3. male form
  4. more studio and lighting practice


  1. build on "poise"
  2. hands, feet
  3. rope-work and bondage
  4. metallic nudes