ArA Setlist (September 2012)

Monty Python's Area 55 — 5F-X Tropical Timber Trade — Winterkälte Mothers Against Noise — Skinjob Powernoise — MANDRO1D Dead Fucking Desire — Electronic Substance Abuse Syncrotron — Geistform Coreline Builds Better Robots [featuring the Easingwold School junior choir] — Coreline BBB — How to Destroy Angels Capital G — Nine Inch Nails Breathe in the Monochrome — Concrete Lung Spiders — System of a Down Blue — The Birthday Massacre Swamped — Lacuna Coil My Heart is Broken — Evanescence

Chrome — VNV Nation Lik Tears in Rain — Covenant Starsign — Apoptygma Berzerk Closer — Nine Inch Nails Rock is Dead — Marilyn Manson Mein Herz Brennt — Rammstein Tribute — Tenacious D Spaceman — Babylon Zoo Poison — Alice Cooper White Wedding — Billy Idol Temple of Love — Sisters of Mercy Only Happy When it Rains — Garbage Count to Evil — MANDRO1D Take a Chance on Me — Erasure